Frequently Asked Questions

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About MGH Members

Q: I want to be a part of MGH members. How do I join?
A: Click on “MGH Members Enrollment” on the top of the homepage.
Continue on to the members registration page and fill in the required information.
Q: Is there a registration fee for joining MGH members?
A: The registration fees and annual fees are free of cost.
Q: How do I login to my page?
A: You will be able to login if you click on “MGH member login” on the bottom right of the homepage and enter the password recorded at the time of registration.
Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
A: Please Click on “MGH Members My Page” First and then click on “Forgot your password?”. If you enter the phone number or email address you wrote down at the time of registration, we will send you an e-mail with a URL to reset your password.
Q: How do I check how many points I currently have?
A: Points are displayed on “My Page”.
Q: What should I do if I want to change my registered data, such as my password or address?
A: You can change information by clicking on “confirm/ change/ delete member information” on “My Page”.
We recommend customers who have simple passwords or passwords that can be easily guessed by third parties to change their passwords in order to protect their privacy.
Q: Will exchanged or endowed points be displayed on “My Page”?
A: Please understand that it may take three to five days for changes to be reflected due to computer processing issues.
Q: What kinds of services can be exchanged for points? Can I transfer points to friends or family members?
A: Friends or family can also use exchanged services. Please click here for details.
Q: Can I receive points from using the hotel’s restaurants?
A: Unfortunately, points can only be received from the hotels accommodation fee (before tax).
Q: Can I use the hotel gift card at the hotel’s restaurants?
A: It can be used to pay for breakfast. Please understand that it is not applicable for lunch, dinner, or coffee.
*To use for breakfast, please exchange the gift card for a breakfast coupon at the front desk.

About Stay

Q: How many days in advance can I make a reservation?
A: It varies by hotel, so please make a direct inquiry with the hotel you are planning to stay in.
Q: The days I’m planning to stay are fully booked so can I be put on a waiting list?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have a waiting list. Please check for availabilities on the hotel’s website.
Q: How do I make reservations from abroad?
A: Please make reservations through the website (there is an english reservation page) or call the hotel directly.
Q: I made a reservation online but I haven’t received a confirmation email yet.
A: Confirmation emails are expected to be sent. In the case you have not received one, please contact the hotel directly and ask them to resend the confirmation email.
Q: For stays with cash vouchers, is the consumption tax displayed on the receipt?
A: Consumption tax is exempt for cash vouchers, so the consumption tax equivalent to the amount corresponding to the figure deducted from the cash voucher is displayed.
Q: Does the fee indicated at the time of reservation include consumption tax or service fees?
A: The amount displayed includes tax (the hotel does not charge a service fee).
However, please note that accommodation tax may be charged for hotels within the Tokyo area. It will be added separately to the amount displayed.
Q: How do I change or cancel my reservation?
A: About cancellation fees:
Number of people No show Same day Day before 9 days ahead 2- days ahead
General: Up to 14 people 100% 80% 20%
Group Over 15 people 100% 80% 20% 10%
Over 100 people 100% 100% 80% 20% 10%

*If there is no contact 2 hours over the expected arrival time, it may be counted as a cancellation.

Q: I want to change or cancel my reservation on the website, but I don’t know how to.
A: You can make changes by clicking on the “confirm/ check/ cancel reservation” button on the website.
Q: Can I pay by credit card, travel coupons (Kinki Nippon Tourist, etc), gift cards (JCB, UC,etc)?
A: It varies by hotel, so please make a direct inquiry with the hotel you are planning to stay in.
Q: Can the hotel provide cakes or help with surprises or celebrations for events such as birthdays?
A: We will help as much as possible. Please consult the hotel you will be staying in.
Q: What facilities (humidifier, dvd player, ports, amenities, etc) does the hotel provide in rooms?
A: It varies by hotel. Please check the “room information” section on the top of the hotel’s website or contact the hotel directly.
Q: Does the hotel have a communal bath?
A: The following hotels have a communal bath: Shiodome Italia Gai, Sapporo, Sendai, Kashiwanoha, Prana Tokyo Bay, Nagoya Premier, Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei, Kyoto Sanjo, Kyoto Shijo, Osaka Premier, Okayama.

About Restaurant

Q: Can people who are not staying at the hotel use the restaurants (including breakfast)?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the breakfast fee for children and adults the same?
A: It varies by hotel, so please make a direct inquiry with the hotel you are planning to stay in.

About Other

Q: I really like the pillows and I want to purchase them. What should I do?

A: They can be purchased from Lofty Co. Please contact them directly by phone:03-3663-7111
(9:30 a.m to 6:00p.m, weekdays)

Click here for details.

*Only applicable for use in Japan. Please understand that the items cannot be sent overseas.

Q: Why do I receive emails from the hotel late night or early morning?
A: There are time lags sometimes due to mailing issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.