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Spend the whole day at the hotel,
a delightful workation.

Focus and Rest. In order to make your busy day more fulfilling, it is important to switch efficiently and in a short time, during the day.
Desk work in the study space in an oasis in the city center, change your mood on the patio, and refresh yourself with fitness.
And the day ends with a superb dinner to nourish the energy for tomorrow.
The optimal solution for concentration and rest spent in the hotel = a day of superb workcation.


in an oasis in the city,
workcation at its finest.

Shiba is located in a key area for cutting-edge business, but with many large parks, temples, and shrines, it feels like an oasis in the city.
After finishing business negotiations in Shinagawa, I checked in and went straight to the guest lounge on the 14th floor. Open your computer and check your email. Work progresses in a space like a study.

Guest Lounge

Next to the lounge is an open patio filled with sunlight and greenery. It's a blissful time to change your mood while having a fragrant coffee.


After a busy day
A la carte that you can enjoy to your liking.

Dinner at "Celestine Dining La Pelouse Tokyo" awaits as a reward at the end of the day. Today's menu is an a la carte selection featuring premium ingredients from Kagoshima. An appetizer of vegetables that is also beautiful to the eye, and roasted red meat. The food is served according to the speed at which it is eaten, so even one person will not have time to waste. Let the sommelier choose the best wines for your meal.

About dinner


While tilting a glass of craft gin,
simulation tomorrow.

After dinner, have another drink at Café & Bar Lounge Celecroix. The interior, which expresses Satsuma Kiriko craftsmanship, creates an exceptionally elegant atmosphere at night. Perhaps because of the location, there are many foreigners and businessmen in suits. As I tilt my glass of craft gin and enjoy conversation with the bartender, a simulation of tomorrow's presentation has already started in my head.

About the Bar


Early morning fitness while watching the greenery of the patio.

Get up early. When you open the curtains of the large windows, the morning sun reflected in the office building is dazzling. Head to the fitness room for a light stretch and workout to get your body and mind in order. While gazing at the green patio where the morning sun shines, you can work up a sweat on the treadmill and bike.

Fitness Room


Breakfast on a tough day
Spicy original curry.

Breakfast at Celestine Dining La Pelouse Tokyo featuring an original buffet with more than 60 kinds of ingredients and freshly baked Maison Kaiser bread. For breakfast on a tough day, I decided to have the morning curry here. It is a gem of a reputation that has been passed down from the hotel's first head chef. The spicy and delicious original curry will always recharge you.

About Breakfast

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A holiday spent with someone special, in a historic town.


Reward yourself with a
relaxing treatment at the hotel.

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