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Reward yourself with a
relaxing treatment at the hotel.

After a long, unplanned holiday, a big, busy project has come to an end.
For such a precious day, instead of going far away, I would like to spend a relaxing time in a hotel that is like a hideout in the heart of the city.
Lunch and sweets time while chatting with close friends.
The main is refreshing at the spa. Then we went to dinner outside to see the night view of Tokyo Tower.
A day of rewards for yourself, where you can treat your body and mind.


Enjoy a blissful lunch and a three-tiered tea stand
tea time.

Meet up with friends in the lounge of Café & Bar Lounge Celecroix. A Japanese-modern interior space with Edo Komon as a motif in a glass-walled space with a ceiling height of 7m. When you sit on the spacious sofa, the switch switches to the holiday mood.
Lunch is a rich smoked sandwich with salad and salmon. After lunch, we moved seats for afternoon tea starting at 14:30. Enjoy a blissful tea time with the chef's original sweets and drinks beautifully decorated on a three-tiered tea stand.

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While admiring the panorama of the city center,
Strategy meeting.

After taking a break at tea time, check in. The room on the 14th floor is the “Executive Corner Twin” where you can relax in luxury. A strategy meeting to decide on a dinner restaurant for the night begins while gazing at a panoramic office building in the city from the sofa arranged by the window. Let's remove the limiter today, our mood is also uplifting.

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A spa treatment is a reward,
Precious time for self-care.

It's time for the treatment at "Spa Amastus" that I was looking forward to. To the couple room in the back where the two of them do the treatment together. The soles of the feet are cleansed with incense, and the whole body is thoroughly massaged with shiatsu and oil treatment. As the blood flow and Qi are balanced through careful treatment techniques, I realized the importance of taking care of myself. Your mind and body will be healed from deep within.


The illuminated Tokyo Tower,
Time to chat with friends.

“The Tokyo Tower at night looks like candles.” That was the decisive word, and for dinner tonight, we went to a grilled restaurant with a view of Tokyo Tower. The stimulating sound and aroma of grilling meat and seafood. And the red glow of the illuminated Tokyo Tower. A gorgeous Tokyo night that you can enjoy with all five senses, and a fun chat with friends continues.

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A holiday spent with someone special, in a historic town.


Spend the whole day at the hotel,
a delightful workation.

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