Mitsui Fudosan Group



Terms of Service

Usage rules

In order for our guests to have a safe and comfortable stay, we have established the following terms of use based on Article 10 of the accommodation agreement. If you do not comply, we may refuse to use the guest rooms and various facilities in the hotel according to Article 7 of the accommodation agreement. In addition, we ask for your understanding that the hotel will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by not following these rules of use. Guests are required to comply with the rules of use established by the hotel and posted on the hotel premises or posted on the website.

Matters to be observed for safety and security

  1. Please refrain from bringing heat-producing appliances such as irons or other fire-producing equipment for heating or cooking into the guest room.
  2. Please refrain from smoking in places where fires are likely to occur, such as in beds.
  3. Please do not smoke outside the designated areas in the building. Do not do anything else that could cause a fire. In addition, if smoking (including electronic cigarettes) or cigarette butts are found in a non-smoking room, we will charge the actual cost of cleaning the bedding, curtains, wallpaper, etc., in addition to deodorizing the room. Let me do it.
  4. Please check the "evacuation route map" from your room, which is displayed inside the door of each guest room.
  5. Please make sure the door is locked when you leave the room during your stay. (Our hotel is automatically locked.)
  6. Please lock the door guards and locks during your stay, especially while you are sleeping. If you have a visitor, please do not open the door carelessly and check with the door scope. In the unlikely event that you suspect a suspicious person, please contact the front desk as soon as possible.
  7. Even if a guest requests that cleaning is not required, the guest room will be cleaned once every three days from a sanitary standpoint. However, if the hotel deems it necessary, the guest room will be cleaned at any time. In addition, we may enter the room for room maintenance, legal inspection, and emergencies even on days other than cleaning days. The guest may not refuse to clean the guest room in this section.
  8. Please refrain from using our hotel by organized crime groups, extremist groups, etc., and their members. (If this fact is discovered after making a reservation or during use, we will refuse to use it at that point.)

Handling of valuables and consigned items

  1. A safe is provided in the room. For your safety, we recommend that you store your valuables, valuables and cash in a safe. However, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure safety while using the safe. Please note that the hotel will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during use.
  2. As a general rule, we will handle lost and forgotten items in accordance with laws and regulations unless otherwise specified.

About payment

  1. Fees shall be paid in Japanese currency or by traveler's check, accommodation coupon, or credit card accepted by the Hotel. However, if the hotel presents a bill during your stay, please settle the bill each time.
  2. If you wish to change the number of nights you plan to stay, please contact the front desk staff in advance. In case of extension, please pay by then.
  3. Please show your room key and accommodation card when using the hotel restaurant etc. by signing.
  4. Please pay at the front desk when you arrive or when the front desk asks for your bill.
  5. Please note that we cannot accept payments or exchanges with checks other than traveler's checks.
  6. We do not accept payment for shopping, airline tickets, train or bus tickets, taxi fares, postage stamps, luggage shipping charges, etc.

Unwanted Actions

  1. Please do not bring any items into the hotel that may be a nuisance to other guests.
    1. (1)Dogs, cats, small birds, and other animals and pets in general (however, guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs are not limited)
    2. (2) Flammable or flammable explosives, volatile oils, and dangerous products
    3. (3) Objects that emit offensive odors or strong odors
    4. (4) Firearms and swords without a permit
    5. (5) Significantly large amount of baggage and articles
    6. (6) Other items whose possession is prohibited by law
  2. Please refrain from gambling, acts that disturb public morals and public order, and acts that may cause inconvenience or discomfort to other guests in the hotel.
  3. Please do not use your room or lobby for any purpose other than your stay, such as business activities, without permission from the hotel.
  4. Please do not hang or display anything that detracts from the appearance of the hotel on the windows of your room.
  5. Please do not distribute advertisements or propaganda materials or sell goods within the hotel or on the premises without permission.
  6. Please do not use the facilities and equipment in the hotel for purposes other than those specified, or use them in a manner that significantly impairs the current state of the hotel.
  7. Please do not leave your belongings in the hallway or lobby.
  8. Unless there is an emergency or unavoidable circumstances, please refrain from entering the restricted areas such as hotel staff areas, emergency stairs, rooftops, and machine rooms.
  9. If the building, furniture, equipment, or other items are damaged, contaminated, or lost due to reasons other than force majeure, we may ask you to compensate for the equivalent amount.
  10. Please refrain from loud voices, songs, loud noises, TV and radio volume, etc., which may cause inconvenience to other guests in the hotel or guest rooms. Also, please refrain from actions such as jumping or hitting the walls in the guest room or hallway, as they may disturb other guests.